Welcome to Learning by Living!

Learning by Living is an online school that uses real life knowledge and real life learning as  the curriculum.
Besides teaching basic core curriculum, credit is earned by applying these core curriculum skills in real life situations. Learning by Living also helps students transition into life after high school.

Our Philosophy:

The Learning by Living school philosophy is that students learn through real world learning. This type of learning is authentic and meaningful. Therefore, the students are better able to retain and apply their knowledge.  Learning by Living gives students in grades PK- 12 the freedom to be creative and explore their interests.

Learning by Living Model:

Students will learn basic skills with as much or as little support as necessary. 

Students will apply their knowledge to real world situations.

Students will explore areas of interest.

Students will learn social skills that can be used to help them to be successful in real world situations.

Students will leave school with experience working at a job or attending a college or vocational school.

Our Teachers:

 All of the Learning by Living School teachers are certified in the subject they teach. Some of the teachers are also certified educational therapists.