monthly fee- This fee gives a student access to a certified teacher. The teacher will provide consultation with the student and up to 1 hour of tutoring. Any tutoring that is needed beyond the 1 hour during a month will be a separate charge.

enrollment fee - This is a 1 time fee per student. The fee must be paid before receiving services from Learning by Living.

course fee - This charge gives the student access to a full course. The student may complete the course at their own pace.

testing fee- This charge is for high school students who are attempting tests for course credit.

tuition- Students who pay the tuition fee are entitled to work on up to 4 courses per month. This fee includes 4 hours of tutoring per month. Students paying by tuition do not need to pay the monthly fee.

tutoring- Students may receive tutoring services. Tutoring services may include tutoring with Learning by Living School curriculum or other curriculum. 

educational therapy- Students focus on learning how to learn. Lessons involve learning reading and math skills and executive functioning cognitive skills.

payment options- payments may be paid online or mailed to:
Learning by Living
PO Box 515
El Reno, Oklahoma 73036
Make checks out to: Learning by Living School
** There is a $25 fee for each returned check.


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